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Periscope lens smartphone

Tecno hosted its Future Lens event in Shanghai this week, unveiling three innovative technologies expected to feature in future Phantom X cameraphones.

The first technology is a distinctive variable aperture, branded by Tecno as a W-shaped adjustable aperture. Drawing inspiration from the eye of a cuttlefish, it is engineered to mitigate glare in challenging lighting situations, such as strong backlight.

This distinctive approach leaves us eager to witness the sensor and lens combination that Tecno will integrate the W-shaped shutter with. Please see the accompanying video for a demonstration of the shutter in action.

Periscope lens tecno

Tecno has unveiled the industry’s inaugural liquid telephoto macro lens, showcasing a groundbreaking integration of liquid lens technology within a periscope module. The incorporation of macro focusing within the conventional two-section housing of periscopes presents a significant challenge given their size.

Periscope lens camera

Tecno’s method involves using voltage to modify the curvature of the lens, which enables dynamic adjustment from a longer to a narrower focal length, resulting in achieving 5cm macro focusing. Tecno asserts that the liquid lens design enables the use of a large sensor.

While most phones utilize their ultrawide cameras for macro capabilities, the wider perspective introduces significant distortion to images. Utilizing a longer focal length, such as with a periscope zoom in this instance, represents the true approach to macro photography.

Periscopic lens optics

Tecno has also provided a comprehensive description of its Universal Tone technology, which incorporates three AI-powered engines to enhance skin tones in photos. The Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine utilizes a color spectral matrix based on skin color chromatic research to calibrate and adjust skin tones. The tuning engine identifies individuals in a given setting and manipulates tone mapping to produce a more impactful image. Lastly, the Computational Portrait Engine completes the process, yielding an aesthetically pleasing result.

Although no specific products have been mentioned, the Phantom X camera phone series will likely be among the first to feature the liquid lens and W-shaped aperture innovations. These advancements are anticipated to be showcased at the upcoming Mobile World Congress early next year. seee more tech information

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