Jewish protester’s death in the Los Angeles area is currently being investigated, while conflicting eyewitness accounts complicate the matter.

Investigation Continues into Jewish Protester’s Death in LA Area Amid Conflicting Eyewitness Accounts
Los Angeles, CA – The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department is currently conducting an ongoing investigation into the tragic death of a 69-year-old pro-Israel protester. Preliminary autopsy results indicate that the cause of death was consistent with a fall.

The incident occurred during a clash between dueling protests surrounding the Israel-Palestinian conflict in Thousand Oaks. Paul Kessler, the victim, succumbed to his injuries at the hospital a few hours after the altercation.

Sheriff Jim Fryhoff addressed the media during a Tuesday news conference, providing details on the incident and an update on the investigation. Responding deputies arrived at the scene to find Kessler conscious but injured, presenting injuries to his head and mouth. He was promptly transported to the hospital, where he later passed away.

One suspect, who remained at the scene and cooperated with

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